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The best carbon offsets. No contest.

Since 2005, Planetair offers you the best carbon credits. When you contribute to the projects supported by Planetair, your investment is not just symbolic. It translates into real positive impacts for the climate, the environment and communities.

In May 2020, Protégez-Vous (Protect Yourself), a magazine specializing in consumer protection, published the results of its survey of suppliers of carbon credits. Planetair is the only supplier recommended among the 11 suppliers evaluated. We invite you to consult the results of the survey directly on the Protégez-vous website (the May issue is currently available for free – in French only).

We also invite you to read our auditors’ recent report regarding our compliance with the commitments we make to you.

Planetair is a non-profit leader in the fight against climate change, recommended by Équiterre and the David Suzuki Foundation, among others.


New at Planetair!

Welcome to our new website where you can still find the best carbon credits to neutralize your impact on the climate

Among the new features, check out our two new project portfolios that both offset greenhouse gas emissions and support value-added initiatives that benefit ecosystems and communities.

Following your suggestions, we added two new calculators: one for cruises and another for food consumption.

We hope that our new website will meet your expectations! Please send us your comments at info@planetair.ca

How does it work?

Calculate your climate footprint

Our calculators let you know the impact of your activities on the climate.

Choose your favorite project

Our climate projects are Gold Standard certified, the most stringent standard in the field.

Offset your greenhouse gas emissions

Our transactional website, operated by Paypal, allows you to offset securely your climate impact with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard).


You will receive a certificate attesting your contribution to the fight against climate change.

Planetair Projects

Planetair projects are all certified by the Gold Standard. Gold Standard carbon credits are the best you can get. They assure you that your investment will lead to positive impacts for the climate, the environment and the communities that are real and verified and not just symbolic.

Planetair projects include energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, forestry, water management and community projects.

You can choose to invest in a portfolio of projects or select a particular project. Here is an overview of our projects.

Certification and B2B Services

Are you part of an organization or are you planning an event and want to reduce your environmental and/or climate footprint? We can help.

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