What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon Offset Meaning

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Carbon offsetting is the action or process of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions arising from human activity (industry, plane, car, food production, etc.), by investing in projects designed to generate equivalent reductions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The usual unit of measurement used when carbon offsetting is discussed is the metric tonne of CO2 equivalent. This unit of measurement is used to quantify in tonnes of CO2 the climate benefit of projects developed to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) present in the atmosphere, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency or reforestation projects.

However, it should be noted that not all carbon offsetting initiatives are equal! Several organizations offer so-called carbon offsets or carbon credits that do not actually contribute to climate protection to the extent they claim.

That’s why Planetair only invests in Gold Standard-certified offset projects, the most stringent standard for offset projects. Gold Standard certification ensures that your financial contribution leads to a real reduction of your climate impact.

The Gold Standard certification ensures that the climate impacts of an offset project are: real, measurable, unique, verified by an independent third party, permanent and additional. A public registry allows the traceability of those benefits.

The David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute have prepared a guide to help consumers and businesses alike see more clearly about the quality of carbon offsetting approaches.

Gold Standard Projects

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The carbon offset portfolios of projects supported by Planetair rely primarily on Gold Standard certified projects. Gold Standard projects are the best mean for voluntarily offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions. This standard assures you that your financial contribution leads to a real reduction of your climate impact. It also requires that certified projects contribute to the achievement of at least three of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN.

The Gold Standard Foundation certification is awarded only after validation and verification of a project by an authorized independent third party. The Gold Standard certification was established jointly by WWF International and receives the support of more than 80 NGOs including that of the David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace and the Pembina Institute.

External auditors recognized by the United Nations rigorously assess the quality of all Gold Standard projects.