Eco-friendly gift: A carbon offset certificate for any occasion

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who cares about the environment? Why not choose a thoughtful gesture that combines originality and commitment to our planet?

Planetair’s carbon offset certificates are ideal for any occasion. Gift this unique eco-friendly present to all your environmentally conscious friends and family—a meaningful way to express your affection while making a positive contribution to our planet.

What is carbon offsetting?


Carbon offsetting is the action that aims to counterbalance carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activities (industry, aviation, cars, food production, etc.).

You can offset your CO2 emissions by investing in projects designed to generate equivalent reductions of CO2 in the atmosphere

How does carbon offsetting work?

With Planetair, you can choose the number of CO2 tonnes you want to offset for a loved one. Then, you’ll select the project portfolio in which you want to invest and receive a certificate confirming your offset. The price per tonne is $30.00.

You will compensate the equivalent of X km in a mid-size gasoline car.

Planetair offers you the opportunity to make a real difference in the fight against climate change by providing you with Gold Standard certified carbon offset projects. This certification ensures the positive, tangible impact of the projects you contribute to.

Explore some of the project portfolios you can give as a gift!


Planetair Quebec-Nature Portfolio

This two-fold portfolio enables you to offset all your GHG emissions through Gold Standard certified climate projects. The second component allows you to support Quebec projects beneficial for the climate. With this portfolio, you contribute to the protection of the habitat of over 200 species facing precarious situations.


Planetair Canada-Trees Portfolio

This two-fold portfolio allows you to offset all your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through Gold Standard certified climate projects. Additionally, the second component enables you to contribute to reforestation projects in Canada, promoting the capture of GHGs in the atmosphere and mitigating the impact of climate change. By offering this project portfolio for Christmas, you also support local biodiversity.


Planetair France Portfolio

This two-fold portfolio enables you to offset all your GHG emissions through Gold Standard certified climate projects. The second component of this portfolio allows you to support projects in France through the 1% for the Planet France foundation. 


Planetair Africa Portfolio

This two-fold portfolio enables you to offset all your GHG emissions through Gold Standard certified climate projects. Additionally, the second part supports two projects in Africa. The first, with climate and social goals, involves building climate-resilient housing for the most vulnerable families in the Sahel. The second aims to protect one of Benin’s last significant swamp forests from destruction.

More about Planetair

Planetair is a non-profit organization that assists individuals, businesses, and organizations in measuring, reducing, and offsetting their ecological footprint, particularly their climate impact. With our Gold Standard certified project portfolios, you can be assured that your investment in the fight against climate change bears fruit.

Protégez-Vous (a consumer protection magazine) conducted a survey on organizations offering carbon offset solutions. Of the 11 organizations evaluated, only Planetair was the only one recommended.


What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is an environmental initiative that allows individuals and businesses to reduce their climate impact by neutralizing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. GHGs are the main contributors to global warming. To offset these emissions, projects aimed at reducing or avoiding GHG production, such as those related to renewable energy or energy efficiency, are financed.

By investing in such projects, it is possible to offset an amount of GHG emissions equivalent to that produced by a specific activity (e.g., a plane trip). This way, the concerned activity achieves a state of “carbon neutrality,” meaning it has no net impact on the climate.

To ensure the integrity and effectiveness of this approach, Planetair supports only Gold Standard certified offset projects. This certification guarantees that the projects are of high quality, and GHG emission reductions are tangible, sustainable, and rigorously verified.

What is the Gold Standard?

Gold Standard offset credits are the best for voluntary emission offsetting. The projects they finance are the best on the market. This standard requires that climate projects it certifies also support the sustainable development of local communities (increased living standards, knowledge transfer, job creation, pollution reduction, etc.). Authorized external organizations rigorously assess the environmental quality of all Gold Standard projects.

The Gold Standard label is granted only after verification and validation of the project by a third party. Gold Standard credits are increasingly in demand due to increased awareness of the importance of having a rigorous and credible carbon market. Since the Gold Standard criteria are very strict, the Gold Standard certification is not subject to criticism, as is the case with other certifications.

The Gold Standard was established by WWF International and is supported by the David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace, the Pembina Institute, and over 80 other NGOs. For more information, we invite you to visit the Gold Standard Foundation website.

How does offsetting my greenhouse gas emissions help mitigate climate change?

Carbon offsetting is one solution to combat climate change and should be integrated into a 4-step approach:

  1. Quantify GHG emissions: It is crucial to understand individual and collective GHG emissions to identify areas where emissions can be reduced.
  2. Reduce emissions: Focus on reducing GHG emissions by using eco-friendly technologies, opting for cleaner transportation, reducing energy consumption, and adopting sustainable practices.
  3. Offset residual emissions: It is important to offset residual emissions that cannot be eliminated or reduced, such as those related to air travel. By offsetting emissions, we fund projects that reduce GHG emissions, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.
  4. Additional climate contribution:The two-fold portfolios offered by Planetair go beyond simple GHG emission offsetting as they include a component to support local climate projects in addition to Gold Standard certified carbon offset projects. These projects support tree planting, university research and the conservation of important natural areas, among others.

By following this approach, we can significantly reduce our impact on the climate and contribute to building a more sustainable future for all.

What does Planetair do with contribution funds?

When you offset your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through Planetair, your contribution is used to finance projects with climate impacts quantified in tonnes of CO2 certified by the issuance of Gold Standard carbon credits. Therefore, if you want to offset 5 tons of GHG emissions, Planetair will invest in projects that trace the positive climate impact of your contribution as demonstrated by the issuance of 5 carbon credits (each representing one tonne of CO2).

If you choose a project portfolio that also includes investments in local climate projects, a percentage of your contribution (25%) will be directed to our non-profit partners to support their climate activities. The remaining funds are used by Planetair to continue its mission and development activities.

Planetair’s commitments to you are verified annually by independent auditors (CPA). Their most recent audit report is available at any time on our website’s homepage.