Portfolios and Projects

Our Portfolios

Planetair has set up project portfolios in order to offer you various options for offsetting your greenhouse gases.

The Planetair Portfolio is the basic wallet. It includes various Gold Standard certified projects that allow real, additional and verified neutralization of greenhouse gas emissions.

This portfolio offers the best value for money and is aimed at people who wish to offset their emissions without having a preference as to the specific project that will be financed by their contribution.

The Planetair+ portfolios include the same projects as the basic Planetair portfolio. But for a few more dollars, these portfolios increase the impact of your investment by also supporting other value-added initiatives that benefit ecosystems and communities.

For example, the Planetair+Canada and Planetair+Quebec and portfolios aim to support projects for the conservation of natural environments and the planting of trees in Canada and Quebec that contribute to the fight against climate change and the protection of species that affect them. live.

Learn more about our various portfolios by consulting the sheets below.

Our Projects

The projects offered by Planetair are all Gold Standard certified. You can select a specific project for offsetting your greenhouse gases.

Planetair projects include various types of projects, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, water management as well as community projects.

They are deployed in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Gold Standard carbon credits are the best you can get. They assure you that your investment will lead to climate benefits that are real, additional and verified, and not just symbolic.