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Carbon Neutral Companies, Events and Services

Planetair – Crédits-carbone – Entreprises carboneutres

A growing number of innovative businesses and event organizers consider their climate footprint to be an integral part of their corporate responsibilities. Planetair has developed a carbon neutral organization logo for companies seeking to reduce their emissions and offset their irreducible emissions through the purchase of carbon credits. You can also certify an event as “carbon neutral” including virtual events.

In addition to its overall emissions, an organization’s partial activities (e.g. transport), products and services may also obtain carbon neutral certification.

Communicate Your Commitment

Planetair – Crédits-carbone – Communiquer son engagement

The carbon neutral certification developed by Planetair is first and foremost an awareness-building and communication tool for stakeholders.

The certification attests that all GHG emissions were calculated and offset by Planetair. Recognized across Québec and Canada, the Planetair carbon neutral logo may be included in your internal and external communications.

Planetair’s services involve the development of promotional tools and adapted strategies to meet specific needs, enabling organizations to communicate their commitment and raise awareness among their clients.

With your needs and objectives in mind, Planetair will also assist you in creating tailored content for your communication tools (e.g. web sites, press releases, newsletters, conference programs and other means).
These certifications are aimed at businesses and events offsetting types 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Type 3 sources are offset on a voluntary basis since they are optional under the GHG Protocol set out by the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WRI/WBCSD). However, since these emissions can constitute a significant share of an organization’s total emissions, they should be considered whenever applicable.

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