Green Certification and Services for Businesses

Carbon Neutral Companies, Events and Services

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More and more innovative companies believe that their carbon footprint is at the heart of their corporate responsibilities. Planetair has introduced a “carbon-neutral business” eco-label for companies that do not solely aim to reduce their emissions, but also offset their unavoidable emissions through Gold Standard certified projects. It’s also possible to certify an event as carbon-neutral, including virtual events.

Beyond overall emissions, certain specific activities of a company, such as transportation for instance, as well as certain products or services, can also receive the corresponding carbon-neutral eco-label.

Communicate Your Commitment

Planetair – Crédits-carbone – Communiquer son engagement

The carbon-neutral certification offered by Planetair primarily serves as a tool for raising awareness and communicating with stakeholders. It certifies that GHG emissions have been calculated and offset through contributions to Gold Standard projects selected by Planetair. Consequently, Planetair’s “carbon neutrality” logo can be incorporated into both your internal and external communications.

Planetair can also assist you in drafting content to be integrated into various communication mediums, such as your website, press releases, newsletters, conference agendas, and other relevant tools.

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