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Planetair+QuébecOiseaux: An Innovative Way to Offset Your Greenhouse Gases

Planetair and QuébecOiseaux have joined forces to create an innovative portfolio of carbon offset projects aimed at supporting your efforts in combating climate change. Discover how you can offset your greenhouse gas emissions while protecting Quebec’s avian biodiversity.

Make a Rigorous and Credible Climate Commitment
The Planetair+QuébecOiseaux climate project portfolio allows you to offset your GHG emissions by supporting Gold Standard certified projects. These initiatives are internationally recognized for their ability to effectively reduce GHG emissions. Each tonne of GHG offset is meticulously verified and tracked through certificates, ensuring the reliability and credibility of your contribution.

Support Bird Conservation in Quebec
By supporting Planetair+QuébecOiseaux projects, you contribute to the preservation of bird species in Quebec. Your contribution funds projects that reduce anthropogenic threats and protect natural habitats. With our partner, QuébecOiseaux, you help safeguard species at risk, such as the Least Bittern and the Wood Thrush.

QuébecOiseaux: Guardians of Quebec’s Birds Since 1981
Founded to promote the study, observation, and protection of birds, QuébecOiseaux is a key player in avian conservation. Their activities aim to reduce the threats facing birds and protect the habitat of over 300 bird species.

Building a Greener Future Together
Join us in our mission to fight climate change while preserving biodiversity. Together, we can make a difference for a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

Together, let’s make a difference for the planet and its feathered inhabitants!

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