At a time when China is trying to balance economy and environment, a large number of emission reduction measures are being implemented with the help of carbon finance.

One of them is this waste-heat capture project at the Yingxi glassworks plant. Through this project, the company has reduced its fossil fuel consumption by an impressive 76,000 MWh annually.

In addition to the benefits to the climate and environment, the project owner is also involved in sustainable development of the region. Amongst other activities, the company is supporting schools, elderly people and the village’s infrastructure with financial aid and the provision of machinery to villagers at no cost.

The project generates electricity by recovering and utilizing waste heat from the glass smelting furnaces. Converted into electricity, it meets part of the internal demand, thereby displacing the electricity that was previously generated by a captive coal gangue power plant. Four recovery boilers, with two sets of condensing turbine generator units have been built and now provide an installed capacity of 12 MW, consisting of two 6 MW units. Before the installation of the emission reduction project, the waste heat generated by four glass production line furnaces was not utilized but simply vented into the atmosphere.

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