Ugastove – Efficient Cooking Stoves

Price: 30.50 $ /tonne

  • Location: Uganda
  • Project Type: Community-based
  • Certification: Gold Standard

Ninety-five percent of Ugandans rely on wood and charcoal for cooking. Most solid fuel is burned using inefficient technologies, causing environmental, health and economic challenges. The use of wood and charcoal for cooking is driving deforestation and putting pressure on Uganda’s remaining forests.

The cookstove project began in 2006. Since then, the project organizers have managed to develop a sustainable stove-manufacturing enterprise and create distribution channels for the dissemination of fuel-efficient cookstoves throughout Uganda. Working closely with local partners, the capacity of local producers to market and distribute cookstoves has improved and social marketing campaigns to drive demand have been implemented. Prior to the development of the cookstove project, fuel-efficient cookstoves were not available in Uganda.

To date, the project has distributed 88,000 cooking stoves in urban and peri-urban areas where charcoal use is endemic, reaching over 440,000 individuals with clean cooking technology.

The poorest Ugandan families spend as much as 15 percent of their income on cooking fuel.

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