Rwanda Boreholes – Access to Safe Water

Price: 33.50 $ /tonne

  • Location: Rwanda
  • Project Type: Energy Efficiency – domestic
  • Certification: Gold Standard

Water quality in Rwanda is typically quite poor and local people traditionally use wood fuel on inefficient three-stone fires to purify their drinking, cleaning and washing water to avoid waterborne diseases. However, this process results in the release of greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of wood, which also generates indoor smoke that affects the health of household inhabitants. These carbon emissions and health issues can be avoided if a technology that does not require fuel (like wood), supplies the clean water instead.

This project aims to rehabilitate boreholes to provide clean drinking water to Rwandan communities, thereby removing the need to burn wood to boil the water and purify it. The boreholes are up to 100 metres in depth and operated with a simple hand pump.

By providing an alternative to wood fire purification, this project results in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as well as a reduction of deforestation in surrounding forests for firewood. Health benefits for the local people result from cleaner water and less indoor pollutants in the family home. In addition, less time is spent collecting wood, allowing more time to focus on other income generating activities, household tasks and the supervision of children.

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