This portfolio has two components. First, it allows you to offset 100% of your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the Planetair Portfolio, our core portfolio. That portfolio is comprised exclusively of credits of Gold Standard-certified projects, assuring you that your investment leads to real, additional and verifiable reductions of greenhouse gases (GHG). Gold Standard carbon credits are the best credits currently available on the market for the voluntary offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions.

By choosing the Planetair+Sahel portfolio, you are also supporting the construction of climate-friendly homes for Sahelian families by our partner, the Nubian Vault Association. These dwellings (Nubian vaults) are better adapted to the climate of the Sahel. The Nubian vaults generate climate benefits, both in terms of adaptation (increased comfort for residents) and mitigation (reduced requirements for air conditioning and ventilation). They allow Sahelian families to live in a housing that is better adapted to the climate and more comfortable than the traditional constructions in cement, iron sheet, and straw. Moreover, the AVN program creates jobs for youth and women and stimulates the local economy in a region that needs it most. It is estimated that a 25 m2 Nubian vault leads to a reduction of 20 tonnes of GHGs over 30 years.

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