This portfolio has two components. First, it allows you to offset 100% of your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through Gold Standard certified credits included in the Planetair Portfolio. The Planetair Portfolio is our core portfolio. It is made up of various carbon offset projects, all Gold Standard certified, which make it possible to neutralize GHG emissions in a real, additional and verifiable way. Gold Standard carbon credits are the best credits currently available on the market for voluntary offsetting of GHG emissions.

By choosing the Planetair+ÉTS Portfolio (Applied Research), you are also supporting university research on the fight against climate change in applied engineering since a financial contribution is made to the ÉTS Research Fund on Climate Change for each tonne you offset. This contribution makes it possible to support research projects in technologies for reducing and adapting to climate change, as well as in measurement and modeling.

This portfolio therefore allows you not only to offset your emissions according to the highest standards, but in addition, to contribute directly to applied research that will improve understanding of the issues in order to develop technological innovations to fight against climate change.

About ÉTS

Specializing in teaching and applied research in engineering and in technology transfer, ÉTS trains engineers and researchers recognized for their practical and innovative approach.

ÉTS is engineering for industry… and for society. ÉTS trains a quarter of Quebec engineers and aims to be a tool for positive change through technological innovation addressing environmental and societal issues. The professors-researchers carry out a number of activities within the university’s various laboratories, chairs and research groups. Their work makes a concrete contribution to scientific progress and to the training of a highly qualified workforce.

In the fight against climate change, ÉTS professors work in a wide range of activities to improve understanding of the phenomenon as well as the development of innovative solutions to counter it. The areas of expertise involved are diverse and increasing in number over time: measurement-modeling-simulation, energy, mobility, buildings, materials, supply, waste management, life-cycle analysis, circular economy, hydrology, aeronautics, etc.

The Quebec component of the portfolio also includes support for Planetair’s mission to educate and raise awareness among citizens, businesses and other organizations about climate change and offsetting.

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