Planetair+Canada (Reforestation)

Price: 27.50 $ /tonne

  • Location: International / Canada
  • Project Type: Diversified
  • Certification: Gold Standard
  • Add-on: Reforestation in Canada (outside of Quebec)

This portfolio has two components. First, it allows you to offset 100% of your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the Planetair Portfolio, our core portfolio. That portfolio is composed exclusively of credits from Gold Standard-certified projects, assuring you that your investment leads to real, additional and verifiable reductions of greenhouse gases (GHG). Gold Standard carbon credits are the best credits currently available on the market for the voluntary offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, your contribution helps support reforestation projects in Canada that help capture greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and mitigate the impact of climate change.

The Planetair+Canada Portfolio (reforestation) thus adds value to your carbon offset because it finances both Gold Standard-certified GHG reductions, and reforestation projects in Canada that offer various benefits such as land rehabilitation, forest ecosystems upgrading and the creation of green spaces. The new plantations also reduce water runoff, improve air quality and encourage the creation of green corridors for the benefit of biodiversity.

When Gold Standard-certified credits generated by reforestation in Canada are available on the market, Planetair favours this type of investment and aims to match each credit from the Planetair Portfolio with a Canadian credit. If Canadian Gold Standard credits are not available at the time of the transaction, Planetair identifies, evaluates and selects one or more Canadian reforestation projects that will maximize the positive impact of your contribution.

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