Paradigm – Clean Cooking Stoves and Water Purification

Price: 33.50 $ /tonne

  • Location: Kenya
  • Project Type: Community-based
  • Certification: Gold Standard

The project’s primary goal is to reach low-income families and organizations that cannot normally afford to purchase improved stove and water treatment technologies. The prospect of future carbon revenues has allowed the project to secure investment for subsidizing the manufacture and sale of high-quality and efficient stoves and of water treatment products. To date, 65,000 stoves have been distributed. At full capacity, the project will be able to provide clean air and water to more than 300,000 Kenyan families.

Improved cooking stoves are distributed at reduced prices, enabling poor families to cut their firewood demand by about 50%. This in turn, takes the burden off the women and children, who traditionally collect the firewood, reduces deforestation rates and improves the indoor air quality.

In rural Kenya, more than 65% of the population does not have access to drinking water. To increase water treatment and improve local’s health, chlorine dispensers have been installed at communal water points, such as springs and boreholes. A local volunteer works to continually educate the community about the benefits of the dispenser, promote its use, and to maintain the supply of chlorine. In addition to the health benefits achieved, this cuts further the demand on firewood, which is otherwise used to sterilize water by boiling.

The lower rates of deforestation are estimated to relieve our global climate from about 20,000 tCO₂e per year.

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