Mirador – Efficient Cooking Stoves

Price: 35.00 $ /tonne

  • Location: Honduras
  • Project Type: Community-based
  • Certification: Gold Standard

In Honduras, 65 percent of the consumed energy comes from fuelwood, primarily used for cooking purposes. Given this, reducing the need to harvest trees for fuelwood makes the forests more sustainable and reducing its combustion helps the climate.

This project replaces traditional cooking stoves that use fuelwood with energy-efficient cooking stoves that are affordable for every family. The cost of a cooking stove is typically paid back through fuel savings within two months. The new stoves are 50 percent more efficient than the traditional open fire system, and they require less cooking time because of their thermal design.

In addition to being more energy efficient, the modern cooking stoves emit less smoke, leading to a healthier cooking environment, which reduces respiratory and eye diseases and improves general hygiene.

Compared to a traditional stove, the new stove reduces poisonous carbon monoxide and particulate emissions inside a home by 79% and methane emissions by 94%. The stoves are mapped and monitored with GPS tracking, and to-date have reduced over one million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions since 2004.

The Mirador project provides economic and health benefits to over half a million people. Women now have more free time for other activities, and can spend money previously reserved for fuel on other essentials. A microenterprise program also runs alongside this project, training entrepreneurs (‘Ejecutores’) and providing specialised parts to build and install the stoves. 17 thriving microenterprises have expanded to provide 170 local jobs in areas where reliable employment is difficult to find.

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